After three rounds of tryouts, the Boston Whitecaps today announced their roster for the 2015 MLU season.

Boston added 26 players to the 14 who signed earlier in the pre-season for a total of 40 active and practice players. For their third season in the MLU, 2014 Eastern Conference Offensive Player of the Year Jeff Graham, leading points scorer Josh Markette and Eastern Conference Defensive Player of the Year Jack Hatchett  all return to the Whitecaps this year.

In addition to the returning core, this year’s roster will feature a few new faces, including Misha SidorskySam Kittross-SchnellMisha Herscu and Thomas Edmonds.

“Making the final cuts for the team was an agonizingly tough process,” said Whitecaps General Manager Mark Whitley. “We went around the table with our coaches, staff and captains and we had a lot of trouble finding a solid consensus on who we wanted to cut. There was just too much talent.”

“Due to the weather, we’ll have less practice time this year than last year,” said Boston Head Coach Sam Rosenthal. “We won’t be able to introduce much by the first game but other teams face similar challenges. We expect our guys to do their best to implement what we’re introducing them to in practice.”

The Whitecaps will start their season on the road for opening weekend, beginning with a game in Philadelphia on April 18 and a match the next day in Washington D.C. With just weeks left until opening day, the Whitecaps will hope to have the entire team on the same page strategically, building on Coach Rosenthal and Assistant Coach Tom Matthews’ foundation from last year.

“The toughest part of this season will be getting such a new team, with a lot of new players, into a groove both on offense and defense,” said Whitecaps veteran Jake Taylor.

“We need to practice and play with a sense of urgency,” said Markette. “Like we have something to prove to ourselves and the league.”

Also looking to prove themselves this year are a few new faces to the Whitecaps. Cody McInnis and Vincenzo Vitiello come to the Whitecaps after a successful season with the local worlds qualifying club team, Wildcard. They’ll be joined on the Whitecaps by two veteran MLU players from the New York Rumble’s 2014 roster, Adrian Banerji and Mike Sender.

“There’s so much to say about the roster this year and just not enough time to say it,” said Whitley. “Each of the athletes on the team have earned their spots though their talent, hard work and dedication. I’m very happy that we’re bringing back so many MLU veterans and at the same time bringing in a lot of new blood to the organization. I’m very excited that our fans will get to know a whole new generation of ultimate players from Boston.”

It will be a tough road ahead for Boston as they begin practices this week in preparation for their first three away games of the season. The Whitecaps will not have home field advantage until their home opener against the D.C. Current on May 9. With so many obstacles ahead, what can such a large class of rookie talent do to prepare? Josh Markette had this to say to his new teammates.

“You belong on this team,” said Markette. “You deserve to be here. So prove us right for giving you a spot.”

2015 Boston Whitecaps

Adrian Banerji (Tufts, Lincoln, MA)
Alex Simmons (University of Wisconsin, Madison, Inver Grove Heights, MN)
Benjamin Katz (UMass Amherst, Somerville, MA) *
Brian Zid (Truman State/Caltech, Mountain Grove, MO)
Christian Foster (Carleton, Amherst, MA)
Cody McInnis (University of New Hampshire, Pittsburgh, PA) *
Eric Stevens (Bridgewater State, Pembroke, MA)
Eric Wilburn (Tufts, Olympia, WA) *
Jack Hatchett (Tufts, Derwood, MD)
Jacob Taylor (Brandeis , New Haven, CT)
James Smart (University of Wisconsin, Madison, Needham, MA)
Jeff Graham (UMass Amherst, Hillsborough, NJ)
Jon Hirschberger (Cornell, Ithaca, NY)
Joseph Crinkley (University of Florida, Sarasota, FL) *
Josh Markette (Georgia State, Atlanta, GA)
Lee Farnsworth (Dartmouth, Fort Wayne, IN)
Mathew Little (University of Rhode Island, Haverhill, MA) *
Matthew McDonnell (Eastern Connecticut State, East Lyme, CT)
Matthew Heath (Elon, Weston, MA)
Michael Miller (University of Pennsylvania, Newton, MA)
Michael Sender (Rutgers, South Orange, NJ)
Miles Montgomery-Butler (Skidmore, Northampton, MA)
Misha Sidorsky (Dartmouth , Cambridge, MA) *
Misha Herscu (Harvard, Amherst, MA) *
Piers MacNaughton (Tufts, Andover, MA)
Robin Meyers (Dartmouth, Albany, NY)
Rustin Ingold-Smith (UNCW, Green River, VT)
Ryan Richardson (Northeastern, Boston, MA) *
Sam Kittross-Schnell (Tufts, Seattle, WA) *
Samuel Richardson (UMass Amherst, Northampton, MA) *
Shaun Doherty (UMass Dartmouth, Bridgewater, MA)
Tannor Johnson (Lexington High School, Lexington, MA) *
Teddy Browar-Jarus (Roger Williams, Princeton, NJ)
Terry Roth (Framingham State, Bellingham, MA)
Thomas Edmonds (University of New Hampshire, Falmouth, ME) *
Tyler Chan (Tufts, Needham, MA) *
Victor Luo (Williams, Arlington, TX) *
Vincenzo Vitiello (Tufts, Wayland, MA) *
Will Neff (Univeristy of Michigan, Amherst, MA)

* Denotes rookie MLU season

4 Responses

  1. lvlln

    Huh, no Malecek. Did he complain one too many times about the Innova Pulsar? I thought I heard rumors he wasn’t gonna be on Ironside either this year?

    Also, Jeff Graham didn’t win Eastern Conference MVP from what I recall. Last year was Alan Kolick from DC Current, and 2 years ago was Chris Mazur from NY Rumble.

    Excited to see healthy Piers MacNaughton this year after losing him to the broken clavicle early last year.

    • Hungry for muffins

      Malecek moved to Texas.

      Also, it doesn’t say “MVP” next to eff Graham’s name, it says Offensive Player of the Year which he did, indeed, win.

      • dusty

        Eff Graham and Rustin Ingold-Smith…

        These are names to which I shall raise my glass.

    • Paul Des Marais

      Thanks for your comment. We have adjusted the copy to read Offensive Player of the Year.


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